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As a member of Sino-Resource Group, Shanghai Sino-Resource Hygiene Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing and exporting Hygiene Technology Product. We are devoted to providing high quality products like Naphthalene ball, Camphor Tablet, Drain Clean Powder, Ant killer, Medical Equipment Disinfectant, Anti-bacterial Liquid Hand Wash, Medicine Use Wash Liquid,Air Freshener etc.

Pay attention to HYGITEK, Pay attention to your life. It's wise of you to choose our products as we have professional development team, perfect workmanship, experienced business personnel and excellent service. Considering of our customer's benefit and environmental protection, we make continuous effort to develop innovative product. You will definitely find that we are more than just an ordinary team, but your dedicated consultant.

HYGITEK makes your life perfect. For more information about us and our products, please pay a visit to our product page or contact us for a friendly discussion.

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TEL:+86-574-87194726 FAX:+86-574-87307052
Main products: Camphor Tablet, Naphthalene Ball, Disinfectants, Ant Killer,Pipe Dredge, Air Fresheners